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JANUARY 14TH / 2021 @ 2:00 PM (EST)
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Hi, it's Donna & Lisa.
We are Frequency Activators and Founders of Manifest Magic And Miracles, LLC.

Our “Secret-Sauce” helps our clients and students integrate and embody their highest vibrational frequencies. 
And, ​​that’s how magic and miracles begin manifesting!  

Simply by being on this Free Class, your vibrational frequency will rise -whether you’re live or listening to the replay.
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During This Class, You'll Learn:
  • ​The most powerful way to quantum leap your manifesting skills
  • ​What your level of consciousness has to do with manifesting a successful, joyful and prosperous life and 
  • ​How to shift your energy so you can change your relationship with outer situations, discover how to get out of your own way, claim your soul-level desires, move past your blocks and create your future easily using Invisible Tools™.


The most common mistake we see people making when trying to manifest


A totally new approach to getting the results you desire...effortlessly.


How to become a conscious creator so magic and miracles become your forever reality.


How to become highly productive, collapse timelines and get downloads for your exact next steps.
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