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What Our Clients Say

"Donna and Lisa really care about their clients and want them to succeed. They are delightful and easy to interact with. Their invisible tools are magical and the missing piece in doing business.  

Donna & Lisa are magnetic, professional and very knowledgeable. Their energy is off the charts!"

~ Rev. Maryam N. Sardari, MS, ATR

"Donna and Lisa are a magical duet. Their energy is fantastic and you can feel the excitement in what they teach. They are patient and have both practical knowledge and higher-power wisdom. I had tried the step by step processes for marketing and copy but it wasn't aligned."

~Sarah Perez, Reiki Master-Teacher & Spiritual Business Mentor
I received so much value and I would have paid whatever you charged because it's worth it.

Donna & Lisa have amazing energy and they genuinely care about helping you succeed. I'm so grateful for the new awareness I have."  

~ Nikki Williams, Mental Health and Mindfulness Copywriter

"Donna & Lisa operate from a place outside of the normal, "How do I get that person's money?" mindset. They do not use the term "magical" as a ploy to lure anyone in. 

They know themselves and, in their authenticity, their goal is to be support and guides as you discover that space that is right and best for you. "

~ Meshea Crysup
"Lisa and Donna have come together in a powerful way to provide a unique (and priceless really) service to those who are called to be a part of global transformation (and need to support themselves while doing it)! 

Together they brought me more focus and clarity on how to strengthen my 'invisible' business skills! "

~ Jenny Hughes, Healing Facilitator & Coach
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